Emerging with a powerful sense of purpose ARMOUR OF GOD SECURITY (PTY) LTD is an Economic Empowerment company formed in 2020 . The company is currently based in Durban , Kwazulu-Natal . The company is the brainchild of Mr. Ashok Mistry.

Unequivocally Mr. Mistry is a dynamic visionary whose business acumen led him to make an informed decision to form a security company called ARMOUR OF GOD SECURITY (PTY) LTD. Individually and collectively the company has a dynamic team who are geared to carry the company to great and unprecedented heights.

Based in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa, ARMOUR OF GOD SECURITY (PTY) LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “AOG SECURITY” or the company) is a specialist in security guarding services. It is essentially a privately owned Security Company in the field of security guarding. The company has been founded to avail its resources to its clients and customers as a lending hand that will ensure that the level of guarding offered by AOG SECURITY will benefit the security industries in South Africa as well as anywhere else within the Diaspora and indeed within the global community.

It is the intention of this document to serve as the official blue-print or Company Business Plan for AOG SECURITY. The first section covers such information as relates to the business itself, mission, goals and objectives.

The second section deals with the Growth Potential, Customer Profile, Competitions, and Barriers to Market Entry, Marketing Strategy, Personnel and Administration Plans.